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Reviews prove the quality

These are reviews from customers who have made payment.

Photio Stars

"The quality of the concept photos produced instantly is so natural, just like they were shot by a professional studio. I was concerned about the time and cost of going to a studio for shooting, but it was very convenient for creating store thumbnail images!"

Cosmetics distributor J
Marketing Manager

"Even though we had a specific request for a product photo placed on an oak barrel, which made it hard to find a suitable studio, we were able to create the desired image just from a reference photo, saving a considerable amount of money."

Distilled Spirits Brand K

"We needed product photos urgently for a marketing agency, and using Photio to create product thumbnail photos was cost-effective. We plan to continue using this service."

Pharmaceutical Distributor S
CEO of Small Business

"Shooting metallic products can be expensive due to reflections, but with Photio, water and lighting effects were naturally integrated, making it easy to produce card news photos for Instagram."

Cosmetics Distributor A
Head of Marketing

"We had to redesign backgrounds for international products to fit the domestic concept. With AI, we saved a lot of time, and automatic background removal made it easy to convert existing detail pages."

Marketing Agency C

"Having a concept image in mind, uploading a reference photo and instantly merging it with our product was convenient. The natural lighting and shadows allowed us to use the images without further editing."

Pharmaceutical Brand B
Web Designer

"Needing advertising photos in different settings, we could change the background of previously shot photos, avoiding the need for a reshoot and saving effort."

Furniture Brand H

"We needed to create Christmas-themed images but could do so without a reshoot, using previous photos, thanks to Photio. This saved us time and money while quickly producing our event banner."

Lifestyle Products Brand D
CEO of Small Business


What is the AI studio for photography?

AI Studio is a background photo editor that enhances the quality of product photos and encourages customer purchases. It helps create backgrounds that complement products or replace unnecessary elements with other elements to assist you.

What is the Photio AI Photographer?

If you upload your product and provide a simple description, Photio AI will analyze it and generate 4 backgrounds that would complement the product well. If you're unsure which background would make your product look better, let Photio assist you.

How can I use the Photio background generator?

To use the AI Background Generator, simply prepare your product image! If you have keywords or images in mind for the background you want to create, input them, and it will generate something similar. If you're unsure, just provide a brief description of your product, and Photio AI will generate it for you. Experiment with various AI features to create high-quality backgrounds.

Is Photio AI Free?

Yes, the Photio AI studio is available for free use. However, to upscale to 4k resolution and download photos without watermarks, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan. For more details, please refer to the pricing page.

Can I use Photio AI for commercial purposes?

Yes, images generated by Photio AI are available for commercial use. Generated images will initially display with a watermark. Feel free to use them for product promotion on detailed pages, thumbnails, social media, etc. To download photos without watermarks, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan. For more details, please refer to the pricing page.

What do I need to use Photio AI?

Please prepare only one photo of the product! AI will handle tasks such as background removal, background generation, and upscaling.

What kind of product photo should I upload?

For optimal results, you should upload a photo taken from the front. High-quality product photos can be achieved when the picture is taken under bright lighting, and the product is distinctly separated from the background. Aim to minimize distortion by zooming in from a distance when capturing the product. The higher the quality of the product photo, the better the outcome will be. If possible, avoid uploading low-resolution product images.

Why choose Photio AI?

Choosing Photio AI means obtaining high-quality product photos anytime, anywhere. Our Photio AI features are filled with functions to create engaging product photos. Differentially, it generates backgrounds along with the analysis of the product. Create high-quality product photos with Photio and meet many customers.

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