AI Photographer

Just write what product it is. Then, AI will create the product photography you want.

What is AI Photographer?

The Photographer AI is an AI similar to a professional photographer. When you input photos and descriptions of a product, it analyzes the features of the product. The planning for product photography begins, considering what background suits the product and what kind of lighting should be used. Once the analysis of the product's features and descriptions is complete, it generates product photos. This isn't just about creating and compositing background images; it involves understanding the product and devising suitable presentations for it. Entrust your product to the Photio AI Photographer.

How to use AI Photographer

Step 1
Explain your Product
Upload the product photo in the AI chat. Then, enter a description of the product.
Step 2
AI analyze it
AI recommends the concept of the photo based on the product's picture and description.
Step 3
Check the Results
Check the results provided by AI, and if you are not satisfied, move them to the editor for modification.


What is AI Photographer?

An AI Photographer is a professional photographer AI that creates your product photos. With just your product photo and a brief description of the product, it conceives a background concept that suits your product. Then, it generates a photo based on that concept, creating reference photos that complement your product well. If you choose a photo you like from the references, it will synthesize it with your product to create a professional-level portfolio photo. You can specify the photo's concept as if you were conversing with a professional photographer.

What kind of photo should I upload?

You can upload any product photo, whether it's taken with a smartphone, has the background removed, or is a product photo you already own. The AI analyzes the photo and isolates the product. However, the quality of the result increases with photos where the product and background are distinctly separated from the front. Uploading photos taken with the horizon well aligned can yield more impressive portfolio photos.

How should I write the product description?

Please include details about the product's color, concept, ingredients, target audience, and features. Even a single line of description can help the AI Photographer conceptualize the product. The more detailed your description, the more the product's features will be reflected in the photo.

Can I modify the reference created by the AI Photographer?

The AI analyzes your product and creates a photo concept. If the concept differs from what you had in mind, inform the AI Photographer. The smart AI photographer will revise the concept plan and suggest a new reference for you.

Can I see the results immediately?

Yes, after the AI generates the concept, you can check the results right away.

Is it free to use AI Photographer?

Yes, you can get started with AI Photographer for free.

Do I need any technical skills to use AI Photographer?

No, the tool is designed to be user-friendly and doesn't require technical expertise.

How can AI Photographer benefit my product marketing?

By providing customized and high-quality product images, AI Photographer enhances your product's appeal in marketing materials.

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