AI Photo Editor

Swipe to erase an object or create something else.

How to use AI Smart Editor

Step 1
Upload Original Image
Please upload the photo. The background will be automatically removed.
Step 2
Highlight the parts
Please use a brush to color the parts you want to modify.
Step 3
Enter the prompt
Enter the prompt to change into a different object. If you don't enter anything, I'll disappear.


What is an AI Photo Editing Tool?

An AI Photo Editing Tool is software that utilizes artificial intelligence to allow users to modify specific parts of a photo. Users can use a brush tool to select the area they want to edit and enter text to specify the desired changes. Running the tool without any prompt will naturally remove the selected object from the photo.

How do I edit a specific part of the photo?

Use the brush tool to paint over the area you wish to modify, then input the desired changes in text. For example, if you want to change the color of a particular garment, paint over it and enter a prompt like "change to blue."

How can I remove a specific object from a photo?

Paint over the object you wish to remove using the brush tool, then execute the tool without entering any prompt. This action will naturally remove the object from the photo.

What image file formats does the AI editing tool support?

The tool supports most common image file formats. PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.

How do I save the edited photo?

When an edited photo is on the canvas, it is automatically saved. If you want to modify it later, you can enter the 'My Files' tab and click on the project you were editing to continue modifying it.

What is the cost of using the AI photo editing tool?

This tool is available for free. If you desire additional features or advanced options, consider upgrading to a paid version.

If I make a mistake while editing, how can I undo it?

During editing, you can use the 'undo' feature at any time to cancel recent changes. The 'redo' feature allows you to reapply edits that you have undone.

Can I download the edited image?

Yes, the edited image can be downloaded in JPG format. If you upgrade to the Pro Plan, you can also download the image in high-quality PNG format.

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