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How to use Text to Background

Step 1
Upload Product Image
Please upload the product photo. The background will be automatically removed.
Step 2
Enter the keywords
Enter a description of the background you imagine in the form of keywords.
Step 3
Check the Results
Check the results, and if you wish to make modifications, please do so in the editor.


What is Text to Background?

Text to Background is an innovative service that translates your textual descriptions into visually appealing background images for product photography, leveraging advanced AI to interpret and visualize the concepts and themes you describe.

How does the Text to Background service work?

You submit a descriptive text detailing the kind of background you envision for your product. The service uses AI algorithms to analyze this text and generate a background image that aligns with your description.

What kind of descriptions can I provide?

Your descriptions can be as varied and detailed as you wish, from simple color preferences to complex thematic concepts, allowing the AI to understand and create a background that matches your specifications.

Is there a limit to the text length for the background description?

While brevity is appreciated for clarity, the service is designed to handle detailed descriptions, ensuring the AI comprehends and accurately reflects your vision in the background it generates.

How accurate is the background generation?

The service strives for high accuracy by interpreting your text input and transforming it into a visual representation. The preciseness of the generated background often correlates with the clarity and detail of your input.

Can I modify the generated background?

Yes, if the generated background doesn't fully meet your expectations, the service provides tools for you to make adjustments, ensuring the final product aligns with your vision.

Is this service suitable for all types of products?

Absolutely. The service is versatile and designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of products and industries, offering tailored backgrounds that enhance the visual appeal of any item.

What if I'm not satisfied with the generated background?

The service is committed to customer satisfaction. If the initial output isn't perfect, you're encouraged to refine your description or utilize editing tools provided by the service to fine-tune the background to your liking.

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