Background Remover

Upload an image and try removing the background. AI will automatically recognize the object and cleanly remove the background for you.

How to use Background Remover

Step 1
Upload Original Image
Please upload the photo from which you'd like the background removed.
Step 2
Check the results.
Please verify if the AI has appropriately extracted the product from the photo.
Step 3
Make adjustments.
Use the pen and brush tools to add or remove any parts of the photo as needed.


What is the Background Remover service?

It's a free tool that removes the background from product images, providing a photo of the product alone.

How do I use the Background Remover?

Simply upload your product image, and the service automatically removes the background.

Is the Background Remover really free?

Yes, this service is completely free to use.

What image formats can I upload?

Typically, common formats like JPG or PNG are supported, but check the specific service details for more.

How quickly does the Background Remover process an image?

Processing time can vary by each file size, but it's generally designed to be quick and efficient.

Can I use the Background Remover for any type of product image?

Yes, it's designed to handle various product images, but results can vary based on the image's complexity.

Will the quality of my image be affected?

The tool aims to maintain high image quality, 2K resolution, but always review the output to ensure it meets your standards.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with the result?

If the result doesn't meet your expectations, you can use the available brush and pen tools to manually edit the image. After editing, you can export the file for your use.

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