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Free Plan

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What features are included in the free plan?

The free plan includes features like background removal, AI-generated backgrounds, HD resolution, and an AI photo editor.

What additional benefits do I get with the Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan offers no watermark photos, 2K resolution, unlimited AI assistance, various file format downloads, unlimited AI backgrounds, image resizing, sharper images, and faster AI processing.

How much does the Pro Plan cost?

The Pro Plan is priced at $21 per month. We are currently offering a special launch discount. If you upgrade to the Pro Plan now, you can continue to use it for a monthly subscription fee of $7 even after the event ends. However, if you cancel the Pro Plan after the promotional period, the subscription will revert to the regular pricing.

Can I cancel my Pro Plan subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Pro Plan subscription whenever you want. If you cancel, you can continue to use the Pro features until the end of the current billing cycle.

What happens if I start and then cancel the Pro Plan within the same month?

You'll still have access to the Pro Plan features until the end of the billing cycle, which is the same date in the next month when you started the plan.

What is the API pricing structure?

API calls are charged at $0.05 per call. Each of the six available APIs has 40 free calls per month, with charges applying after exceeding this limit.

What happens if an API charge fails?

If an API charge fails, there will be a retry after 7 days. If the second attempt fails, the API key will be blocked.

When are API charges applied?

Charges for API usage beyond the free limit are applied monthly, on the same date the card was registered.