How to change your background easily online

Learn to effortlessly change your photo backgrounds and enhance their appeal with our simple guide.

April 1, 2024

Have you ever taken a photo with a lot of effort, only to find the background messy or not fitting the mood you wanted? If the background of your picture doesn't satisfy you or you're curious to experiment with something new, keep reading.

Altering the background of your photos can significantly enhance their quality and impact, whether for social media, online stores, or presentation slides.

This guide will cover:

- How to add a new background to your picture in just two steps.

- Changing your photo's background to white or any other color.

- The importance of using templates.

- Professional advice on how to change photo backgrounds effectively.

To add a new background to a picture in two steps

To change the background of a picture, first remove the background of the current picture, then select Seeds in Photio, or type a prompt in the editor to create a new background.

Remove current background

If your picture already has a transparent background, skip this step and proceed to creating a new background below.

- Sign up Photio. Even in the free version, you can remove the image's background.

You can remove backgrounds from images with the free version of Photio.

- Click Background Generating to select an image from the file folder or camera roll.

Upload your file and easily access uploaded images anytime under "Recently Used."

- When you upload an image, the background automatically disappears within 2-5 seconds and the photos with the background removed are automatically displayed in the editor.

Photos with the background removed automatically appear in the editor.

Insert new background

There are three ways to add a new background to a photo, depending on the goal you want to achieve.

1. Use your own background.

If you have a specific background that you want to use, it's appropriate to use this method (if you've taken it yourself or if you have an image you liked while searching)

- Click Background on the left tab of the Editor.

- Click the Image Upload area to upload the desired background.

- (Optional) To adjust the uploaded image, click Background on the right tab of the editor. Here you can do more, such as adjusting the tone of the background image, or removing unwanted parts.

- When you are done, click Download in the upper right corner of the screen to save the new image. You can download it by designating the file format as one of JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

2. Explore several background images in your Photio library and recreate them to match your current product

If you want a convenient ready-to-use background, Photio offers a variety of contextual backgrounds, including textures, colors, patterns, scenes, nature, art, and events.

- On the left tab of the Editor, click AI Background Generator.

- Explore the Seeds that Photio offers. After selecting a background, Photio will reinterpret the image to match the product. The created image can be modified by using a AI modifier, such as removing unwanted areas, adjusting brightness, and adding filters.

- When you're done, click Download in the upper right corner of the screen to save the new image. You can download it by designating the file format as one of JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

Easily change backgrounds using Photio.

3. Use AI to create your own background

Create your own background that you've never seen before. If you want to match the visual identity between your project and the image you're working on, AI may be the best solution to create your own background.

- On the left tab of the editor, click AI Background Generator.

Photio's Background Generator

- When you click the Reference tab and upload the reference picture, AI creates a picture with the atmosphere of the reference.

The screen for the reference tab.

- If you press Prompt tab and describe the photo of the desired atmosphere in the Prompt window, AI will create the background with that feeling.

The screen for the prompt tab.

- Press the Recommend tab and write down the characteristics of the product to create a background that suits Photio AI.

- (Optional) Create a new background image and modify it in the desired direction or use the Retouch tool to remove unwanted parts.

The screen for the recommend tab.

- When you are done, click Download in the upper right corner of the screen to save the new image. You can download it by designating the file format as one of JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

Expert Tips for Changing Photo Backgrounds

Here are some simple suggestions to help you improve the quality when changing your photo's background:

- Pick a Clear, High-Resolution Image: Choose photos where the main subject is clearly separated from the background. Bright and contrasting images make it easier to edit the background.

- Have a Clear Goal: Think about what you want to achieve with your photo. Whether you're looking to grab attention or boost sales, select a background that matches the purpose and message of your image.

- Use Contrasts: Make your subject stand out by choosing a background with contrasting colors. For instance, if your subject is in dark clothes, go for a light-colored background.

- Blur the Background: Softening the background can make your main subject pop and give your photo a professional look.

- Pay Attention to Details: When removing the background, details like hair need careful handling due to their complexity. Luckily, AI technology can help remove such details without losing quality.

- Explore: Don't hesitate to try different backgrounds and templates to see which one suits your image best.

Use Photio to edit your product photos.

Finished reading and ready to transform your product backgrounds? Start editing your photos with Photio now to achieve top-notch results quickly and without cost.

Photio offers these powerful editing capabilities:

- Image Tone Adjustment: Brighten and add mood to your photos.

- Photo Retouching: Remove any undesired elements from your product photos naturally.

- Background Removal: Swiftly eliminate backgrounds from images, enabling a plethora of creative possibilities.

- Background Creation: Alter the backdrop to complement your photo's main subject seamlessly.

- Image Resizing: Adjust your photo's size horizontally for a perfect fit.

- Image Clarification: Get rid of any imperfections and boost your photo's overall quality.

Start utilizing Photio today to enhance and perfect your product images effortlessly.

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