How to retouch the e-commerce image

The importance of post-processing product images and the role of image retouching using Photio are introduced.

April 1, 2024

Showing a great product image is one of the effective ways to compete with world-famous brands. In fact, you may already be seeing how effective the image is on your channel. Providing high-quality images to customers like this is an important part of sales success.

However, this process is not easy. The e-commerce business needs to create and maintain large amounts of images. Even for companies with large professional ability, making and maintaining images to a high level is expensive and difficult. Therefore, the person who needs to create images must know how to easily create them and retouch them efficiently without spending precious time outsourcing or hiring employees.

we'll introduce image retouching below, we'll talk about how it drives sales, and we'll talk about why retouching is best for Photio.

What is image retouching?

Image retouching refers to a series of editing performed on a digital image to improve visually or to adjust technical quality. Typically, image retouching includes:

  • Sizing
  • Color editing
  • Cutting
  • Shape trimming
  • Clearing

Introduced retouching is necessary in photography. This is because no matter how good a photographer is, his or her picture is not considered perfect. After a photograph is taken, the requirements, especially for certain areas, change easily and often. So retouching is an essential part of photography.

However, don't worry about it and don't spend a lot of money to get a good image. You can use special tools to retouch without getting stressed or expensive. This is especially true for small e-commerce businesses that do not have a lot of money.

Do I really need a good image in e-commerce?

As I said earlier, a good image is an important part of sales success. This is obvious no matter what your product is or what channel you sell it on. According to an Etsy survey, 90% of respondents said that the quality of an image influences their decision to buy a product.

There are several reasons for this:

1. A good image promotes value and recognizes it.

2. Make the brand look luxurious and authentic.

3. It makes you imagine what the product will actually look like.

On the other hand, bad images have the opposite effect:

- It reduces interest in the product, even for those who were interested in it.

- There are more product inquiries. If the actual appearance is different from the picture of the product.

- You won't be able to build up your brand image.

- You will not be able to carry out an omnichannel strategy that requires high-definition images to be applied to all channels.

By retouching, product representatives can make the product look more appealing. This process can help a product picture match the color of the brand, and it can also make customers aware of the brand in a specific direction. The retouching process can also create images suitable for multiple platforms.

In addition, retouching your product photos to produce a high-quality image relieves you of worries about product photos, allowing you to focus on other tasks. By focusing more on your product, your photos can become more beautiful. Retouching helps you choose different options and avoids continuing to take pictures.

But what hasn't changed is that retouching would still be time consuming and costly without reliable tools.

E-commerce photography really need a good image in e-commerce.

What are the limits of image retouching?

Nevertheless, there are some limitations to the retouching process. Depending on what you do, you may not get the desired outcome.

Here are some situations where retouching is difficult:

- If the original image is of low quality, it is difficult to retouch it to produce a good quality picture. If the original picture seems to have been out-of-focused or blurred due to too low quality, it may be better to retake it than retouch it.

- If a photo has a lot of complexity or noise that needs to be removed, it can be difficult to erase certain objects from a photo. Removing items from a solid color background is always easier.

- If the light of the original image is very low, recovery can be difficult. Contrast and color settings can be utilized, but it might be better to retake the picture.

How can I retouch through Photio?

1. First, go to the Photio website. If you haven't already, you can easily sign up by logging in to Google. You can also select a file by clicking Start with Image, or you can start by shooting the product yourself with the mobile camera roll. You can also access the editing area right away by clicking the Modify Image function button.

Photio website

2. Once in the retouching area, you can adjust the brush size through a slider. The brush is used to mark the areas in the image that need to be modified. Large brushes can mark large areas at once, and smaller brushes allow for more detailed marking.

Large brushes can mark large areas at once, and smaller brushes allow for more detailed marking.

3. After adjusting the size of the brush, set the part to be marked by using your finger or mouse drag. This part will be removed and recreating through AI.

set the part to be marked by using your finger or mouse drag.

4. Once you've finished marking, the AI in Photio will fill in the marked with colors or props that match the unmarked parts. To avoid repeating the modifications, write how it should be corrected in the prompt window on the left tab.

To avoid repeating the modifications, write how it should be corrected in the prompt window on the left tab.

5. This removes the part that was in the original picture and allows you to view the newly retouched image.

- Pro tip: If you've subscribed to Photio's pro mode, you can use the "clear image" feature to eliminate noise and enhance image quality.

6. If you are satisfied with the results, click the download button at the top right to save the image. You can also be encouraged about it to the users through Photio's Share function. This function makes your image even more famous.

Other features of Photio

In addition to modifying the background, Photio offers a variety of retouching features:

- Image Tone Adjustment: Makes your photo brighter and more atmospheric.

- Remove background: Quickly erase the background in a photo. You can create a variety of creations with results.

- Create background: Change the background in the picture. You can change the image to a background that matches the main subject.

- Resize image: Resize picture size.

- Clear image: It eliminates noise and enhances image quality.

These features are all available in the editor space of Photio, simplifying the retouching process and helping save time and money.

Start retouching on Photio now

Don't spend a lot of time retouching your photos on e-commerce. Photio allow you to make the whole process quick. Photio specialize in transforming your photos beautifully. Don't waste any more time retouching using outdated tools.

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