AI Image Sharpener

We'll make the resolution of the photo 2x or 4x.

How to use AI Image Sharpener

Step 1
Upload Original Image
Please upload the image you want to improve the quality of.
Step 2
Choose the magnification.
Please choose the desired resolution enhancement scale between 2x and 4x.
Step 3
Check the result
Decide on the result by comparing the before and after with a swipe.


What is AI Image Sharpener?

AI Image Sharpener is a service that utilizes artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of a photo by 2x or 4x and removes noise from the image, creating a cleaner and sharper image.

How can the resolution be increased by 2x or 4x?

Users can select the desired option (2x or 4x upscale) within the editor. Depending on the chosen option, AI analyzes the image and automatically increases its resolution.

How does the service remove noise from images?

The AI technology identifies noise patterns in the image and effectively removes or minimizes them, enhancing the image's clarity.

What are the requirements to use this service?

This service is available exclusively to Pro Plan users within the editor. Subscribing to the Pro Plan grants access to the service.

In what format can the upscaled images be saved?

The upscaled images can be saved in high-quality formats, such as 2K resolution.

Is the original data of the image preserved during the upscaling process?

The upscaling process preserves the essential features and data of the original image as much as possible. However, new pixels are added during the process to increase resolution.

Where can the upscaled images be used?

Upscaled images can be used in various fields, including print, digital media, website design, and advertising, offering clearer and more professional visuals due to their high resolution.

How much does it cost to use this service?

The service is provided exclusively to Pro Plan subscribers, and the cost is determined by the Pro Plan's pricing policy. Accurate pricing information can be found on the service's pricing page.

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