Subscription Agreement

Article 1 (Purpose)

This agreement is intended to regulate the rights and obligations of the company providing information and the members using the internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by Portio, and it also applies to electronic commerce using PC communication, wireless, etc., as long as it does not contradict the nature of such services.

Article 2 (Interpretation of the Agreement)

  1. The definitions of key terms used in this agreement are based on the Portio Service Terms of Use.

 2. Any matters not specified in this agreement and the interpretation of this agreement shall be governed by the "Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, Etc.," the "Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions," the "Portio Service Terms of Use," or common practice.

Article 3 (Conclusion of Service Agreement)

  1. A regular subscription service agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Agreement") is concluded when a member who wishes to use the service agrees to this agreement, registers the information required for payment requested by the company, and the company approves the application for service use.

  2. The company informs the member of the necessary information for the agreement, such as the contract period, usage fee, and available content, through electronic means, and the member must confirm and acknowledge this information before entering into the service agreement.

  3. The company may request verification of the member's information through a third-party organization for real-name verification or personal authentication.

  4. The conclusion of the service agreement must be applied by the member, and any leakage of the member's personal information or payment information to a third party for this purpose will result in a restriction on service use.

  5. If neither the company nor the member rejects the renewal of the agreement according to Article 4 until the expiration date of the contract period, it will be deemed that the service agreement has been renewed under the same conditions. In this case, the company will charge the usage fee for the renewed service agreement using the payment information pre-registered by the customer.

Article 4 (Usage Fee)

  1. The usage fee is based on the information separately announced by the company through online means.

Article 5 (Payment of Usage Fee)

  1. The usage fee is generally paid in advance before using the service. However, there may be exceptions if the company has specified a trial period.

  2. Except as separately determined by the company, fees are charged on a monthly basis based on the member's number.

  3. If a member does not wish to have regular payments, they must apply for termination before the automatic payment date.

  4. There will be no refund for the remaining days when regular payment is terminated, and the member can continue to use the service during the remaining days.

  5. The company will notify the member via SMS, email, etc., 7 days before the end of the free trial or regular payment period.

Article 6 (Payment Method for Usage Fee)

  1. Users who are required to pay the usage fee must make the payment by the payment due date based on the information announced by the company through online means when they receive the fee billing from the company.

Article 7 (User of Usage Fee)

  1. Generally, the user of the usage fee is the user. However, the company may designate another person as the user of the usage fee in cases recognized by the company.

  2. The user of the usage fee under the clause exception of the first paragraph is jointly responsible with the user for all obligations, including usage fees, that the user must pay to the company.

Article 8 (Objection to Usage Fee)

  1. In case of an error in usage fee billing and other matters, the company must take one of the following actions upon the user's request (objection).

        a. bIn the case of an overpayment of fees, the amount is refunded. However, if the user agrees, the amount can be deducted from the next month's fee.

        b. If a user has fees in arrears to be returned, they are deducted first and then refunded.

        c. In the case of an underbilling, it is charged in the following month.

        d. Objections to usage fees must be made within 3 months from the date the reason for the objection occurred.

Article 9 (Refusal of Contract Renewal)

  1. The company will notify the member of the fact that a regular subscription service contract is renewed, that the free trial period is ending, or the regular payment is due 7 days before the contract renewal date using SMS or email.

  2. The member can refuse the renewal of the service agreement by applying for service suspension on the website.

  3. If the member rejects the renewal of the regular subscription service contract according to the second paragraph, the existing service agreement will remain valid until the end of the contract period.

Article 10 (Change or Suspension of Regular Subscription Service)

  1. The company has an obligation to reasonably continue service operation to maintain regular subscription services. However, the company may change or suspend all or part of the regular subscription service when any of the following circumstances apply:

        a. Natural disasters, force majeure, war, riots, fires, strikes, government agency control, disease, or other reasons that cannot be controlled by the company or that are likely to occur.

        b. When electric communication services are not provided by a telecommunications service provider.

        c. Maintenance, replacement, or failure of information and communication equipment, including the company's system, and communication disruption.

        d. Changes or suspensions caused by reasons related to the operation of services provided through partnership with third-party service providers.

        e. Other circumstances that significantly hinder the smooth operation of the company.

  2. If the company plans to change or suspend regular subscription services according to the first paragraph, it will notify the member in advance through electronic means, providing information about the reason, date, and duration. However, in unavoidable situations, the notification may be made afterward.

Article 11 (Termination of Service Agreement)

  1. When a user wants to terminate the service use agreement, they must apply for termination to the company in advance through online or telephone contact.

  2. In the event of the following circumstances, the company may terminate the contract without prior notice, and if applicable under subparagraphs 'a' through 'b,' the company may claim damages from the member:

        a. If the member tarnishes the company's reputation.

        b. If the member intentionally disrupts service operation.

        c. If the member uses another person's account number or credit card number.

        d. If the member uses another person's user ID and password.

        e. If the member submits a false application.

         f. If the member engages in immoral behavior, violates public order, or is deemed unsuitable by the company as a user.

         g. If the member engages in commercial activities or provides services to others without prior approval from the company.

         h. Other circumstances in which the company deems the user unsuitable.

Article 12 (Effects of Contract Termination)

  1. In case of termination of regular payment services, there will be no refund for the remaining days, and the service can be used during the remaining days.