Terms of service

Article 1 (Purpose)

This agreement is intended to stipulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Company and members concerning the use of all services provided by PlanningGo Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

Article 2 (Definitions)

The key terms used in this agreement are defined as follows:

1.   'Service'   refers   to   all   services   provided   by   the   Company   that   users   can   accessregardless of the device (PC, TV, mobile devices, etc.).

2. 'User' refers to 'individual members,' 'corporate members,' and 'non-members' whoreceive services provided by the Company under this agreement.

3. 'Individual Member' refers to a person who registers as a member with the Companyby providing personal information and can continuously receive information from theCompany and use the services provided by the Company.

4. 'Corporate Member' refers to a person who registers as a member with the Companyby   providing   corporate   information   and   personal   information   and   can   continuouslyreceive information from the Company and use the services provided by the Company.

5. 'Non-Member' refers to those who use the services provided by the Company withoutregistering as a member.

6. 'ID' (User ID) is a combination of letters or letters and numbers chosen by a memberand approved by the Company for the purpose of identifying the member and using theservice.

7. 'Password' is a combination of characters (including special characters) and numberschosen by the member to confirm their identity and protect their privacy, which matchesthe member's assigned ID.

8. 'Paid Service' refers to all services provided by the Company for a fee.

9. 'Payment' refers to the act of a member selecting a payment method and enteringfinancial information to use paid services provided by the Company.

10. 'Discount Coupon' is a means issued and managed by the Company for users to useto make payments when using the Company's services.

11. 'Content' refers to characters, letters, voices, sounds, images, videos, various files,links, and other information forms, such as text, photos, videos, and links used on theinformation communication network, as defined by the Information and CommunicationNetwork Act.

Article 3 (Supplementary Provisions)

For matters not specified in this agreement, the provisions of laws or specific terms,operational policies, and rules established by the Company (hereinafter referred to as"Detailed Guidelines") shall apply. In the event of a conflict between this agreement andthe Detailed Guidelines, the Detailed Guidelines shall prevail.

Article 4 (Effect and Amendment of the Agreement)

1. This agreement shall be publicly announced by PlanningGo Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as "the Company") for all internet services provided by the Company. TheCompany may amend this agreement within the limits that do not violate laws related tothis service, such as the Electronic Commerce Act, the Act on the Regulation of Termsand Conditions, and the Information and Communications Network Act. In the event ofsuch amendment, the Company shall specify the content of the amended agreement andthe effective date, and notify it to users for a minimum of 7 days (30 days for changesthat are unfavorable to users or substantial changes) prior to the effective date throughpublic   announcements   or   individual   electronic   means   (e.g.,   email,   text   message,electronic   notice   within   the   service,   notification   messages,   etc.).   The   amendedagreement shall become effective from the date of announcement or notification.

2.   In   the   event   that   the   Company   announces   or   notifies   a   revised   agreement   inaccordance with paragraph 1, it shall also inform users of the following content: "If youdo not agree to the changes, you may terminate the contract within 7 days (or 30 days inthe case of changes that are unfavorable to users). If you do not express your intent toterminate the contract, you will be deemed to have agreed to the changes."

3. When a user does not express a refusal of the amended agreement within 7 days (or30 days in the case of changes that are unfavorable to users) from the date of theannouncement or notification according to paragraph 2, it shall be considered that theuser has agreed to the changes in this agreement.

Article 5 (Notification to Users)

1. Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, the Company may notify users throughelectronic   means,   such   as   email,   text   messages   (SMS),   electronic   messages,   pushnotifications, etc.

2. In the case of a notification to all users, the Company may substitute the noticeaccording to paragraph 1 by posting it on the bulletin board within the Company'soperated website for more than 7 days. However, for matters that significantly affect theuser's own transactions, individual notifications according to paragraph 1 shall be made.

3. In cases where individual notifications are difficult due to the omission of contactinformation,   failure   to   update,   or   incorrect   information   provided   by   the   user,   theCompany may consider the notice posted according to the preceding paragraph as anindividual notification.

Article 6 (Conclusion of the Service Agreement)

The service agreement is concluded under the following circumstances:

1. When a user agrees to the content of this agreement, applies for membership, and theCompany accepts such an application.

2. When a user wishes to use the service without registering as a member and makes apayment to use the Company's service.

3. When a user wishes to use a free service without registering as a member andproceeds with the procedures of item 1 and 2 related to that free service.

Article 7 (Acceptance of Membership Application)

1. The Company generally approves the use of services upon a request for a serviceagreement.

2. In the case of an application according to paragraph 1, the Company may request real-name verification and identity verification through a specialized organization if necessaryfor service provision.

3. The Company may withhold approval in case there is no available equipment forservice provision, or there are technical or operational issues.

4. In the event of non-approval or withholding approval according to paragraph 3, theCompany shall generally inform the user who applied for service use. However, it isexempt from informing the user if the Company cannot notify the user without its ownfault.

5. The time of the service agreement's establishment is, in the case of item 1 of Article 6,when the Company displays the completion of registration in the application process, andin the case of item 2 of Article 6, when payment is completed, as indicated by theCompany.

Article 8 (Change of Member Information)

1.   Members   may   view   and   modify   their   personal   information   through   the   personalinformation management screen at any time. However, certain information required forservice management, such as real name and username, cannot be modified.

2. Members are responsible for promptly notifying the Company of any changes in theinformation they provided at the time of membership application, either online or byemail or other means.

3. Members shall be responsible for any disadvantages arising from their failure to notifythe Company of changes as described in paragraph 2.

Article 9 (Management and Protection of Member Information)

1. Members are responsible for the management of their ID and password, and must notallow third parties to use them.

2. The Company may restrict the use of an ID if there is concern that the ID poses a riskof disclosing personal information, violates social norms or public order, or may bemistaken for the Company or service operator.

3. In the event that a member's ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, themember must immediately notify the Company and follow the Company's instructions.

4. The Company shall not be responsible for any disadvantages incurred due to themember's failure to report the situation described in paragraph 3 or failure to follow theCompany's instructions.

Article 10 (Company's Responsibilities)

1.   The   Company   shall   promptly   repair   or   recover   equipment   that   has   experiencedmalfunctions or losses to ensure the continuous and stable provision of services. In theevent   of   the   following   circumstances,   the   Company   may   temporarily   suspend   theprovision of all or part of the services without prior notice. In such cases, the Companyshall promptly notify users of the reasons and the duration of the suspension.     

    1.   Emergency   maintenance,   expansion,   replacement,   facility   maintenance,   orconstruction required for providing new services.   

    2. System replacement is deemed necessary for providing new services.    

    3. Inability to provide normal service due to system or other service equipmentmalfunctions, wired or wireless network failures, and the like.     

    4.   Occurrence   of   a   national   emergency,   power   outage,   or   other   force   majeurecircumstances.

2. The Company shall make efforts to provide convenience to users in procedures andcontent   related   to   the   conclusion,   modification,   and   termination   of   the   serviceagreement.

3. The Company shall post the following information in an easily accessible manner onthe   initial   screen   of   the   online   service,   including   the   name   of   the   representative,company name, address, phone number, facsimile number (FAX), telecommunicationsales registration number, terms and conditions, and privacy policy, to make it easilyaccessible to users.

Article 11 (Protection of Personal Information)

1. The Company values the personal information of users and strives to comply withrelevant   laws   and   regulations,   such   as   the   Act   on   Promotion   of   Information   andCommunications   Network   Utilization   and   Information   Protection   and   the   PersonalInformation   Protection   Act.   The   Company   provides   information   to   users   through   itsprivacy policy, explaining how the personal information provided by users is used, thepurpose and method of use, and measures taken to protect personal information.

2. If there is no usage history of the service for one continuous year from the last usedate, the Company may separate and manage user information in accordance with theprovisions of the Personal Information Protection Act and its enforcement decree. In thiscase,   the   separated   user   information   will   be   retained   until   the   user   applies   formembership withdrawal or personal information deletion.

3. The Company applies relevant laws and its personal information processing policy tothe   protection   and   use   of   user   information.   However,   the   Company's   personalinformation   processing   policy   is   not   applicable   to   external   web   pages   linked   fromwebsites operated by the Company.

Article 12 (User Responsibilities)

1. Users must provide truthful information when applying for use through membershipregistration. If a user registers false or someone else's information, the user cannot claimany rights against the Company, and the Company is not responsible for any damagecaused by this.

2.   Users   must   comply   with   the   provisions   of   this   agreement,   other   regulationsestablished by the Company, and notices made by the Company. Users must not engagein activities that obstruct the Company's operations or harm the Company's reputation.

3. When a user's personal information, such as address, contact information, emailaddress, is changed, the user must update this information immediately through online

means. The responsibility for any consequences resulting from the user's failure toupdate or delayed updates lies with the user.

4. Users are responsible for directly managing their assigned IDs and passwords. TheCompany is not responsible for problems caused by a user's lax management.

5. When selecting an ID, nickname, or other designations used within the service, usersmust not engage in any of the following activities:    

    1. Impersonating the official operator of the Company's provided services or using asimilar name to confuse other users.   

    2. Using names containing explicit or obscene content.   

    3. Using names that could potentially infringe upon the rights of third parties, such astrademarks, copyrights, and more.     

    4. Using names that could damage the reputation of third parties or hinder theiractivities.   

    5. Using names that contain content contrary to social norms or in violation of relevantlaws and regulations.

6. Without the explicit consent of the Company, users are not allowed to engage inactions such as selling, donating, or providing collateral on the rights to use the service,among other dispositions.

7. For details and other precautions related to this article, refer to operational policies.Violation   of   the   service   agreement   and   operational   policies   may   result   in   servicerestrictions, legal and civil liabilities, and other disadvantages.

Article 13 (Provision of Services)

1. The Company's services are generally provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.However, temporary service interruptions may occur for the entire service or part of theservice without prior notice for system maintenance, equipment replacement, and otherspecial reasons. In such cases, the Company shall notify users of the reasons andduration of the interruption promptly.

2. Specific details and guidelines for individual services provided by the Company can befound on the respective service screens.

3. The Company provides the following services:

   1. A service for creating commercial product images using artificial intelligence.

   2. A service that recommends image examples based on user information.

   3. A service for regenerating user product photos based on pre-existing artificialintelligence settings.

Article 14 (Service Restrictions, etc.)

1. The Company may restrict or suspend the provision of the service in the event of anational emergency, war, natural disaster, or the equivalent, or if there is a reasonableexpectation   that   such   events   may   occur,   or   when   a   telecommunications   businessoperator   under   the   Telecommunications   Business   Act   suspends   the   provision   oftelecommunications services.

2. Even for free services, the entire service or parts of the service may be restricted,suspended, or converted to a paid service due to the Company's operational policies andother reasons.

3. When the Company restricts or suspends service usage, it shall promptly inform usersof the reasons, duration of restrictions, scheduled resumption, and other relevant details.

4. When the Company requires payment information in advance and intends to convert aservice that is currently provided for free into a paid service, it shall notify the users ofthe reason and the expected date of the change, and obtain the user's consent for suchconversion.

Article 15 (Termination and Withdrawal Procedure for the Service)

1. Users may request the termination of the service agreement at any time by applyingfor service termination on the Company's website. However, immediate termination maybe restricted for a certain period after new registration due to reasons such as preventingthe fraudulent use of the service.

2. The Company may notify users and terminate the service agreement when usersviolate their obligations as stipulated in this agreement, engage in abnormal or unfair

usage, use prohibited programs, create broadcasts and posts that defame or insultothers, and commit any of these actions despite the Company's initial prohibition ordeletion request, including the first prohibition or deletion request.

3. After the Company receives a user's intention to withdraw, terminate, or cancel, it willinform the user of the response. The response will be in the same manner as how theuser notified the Company, unless there is no contact information provided by the user tothe Company.

Article 16 (Indemnification)

1. The Company or users may claim indemnification when damages occur due to thefault   of   the   other   party.   However,   the   Company   is   not   liable   for   damages   due   todisruptions, service suspensions, data loss, or data alterations, among other issues, inthe case of free services.

2. As long as the Company's operational policies, personal information protection policy,and other service-specific terms and conditions are not violated in relation to the use ofthe services provided by the Company, the Company shall not be held responsible forany damages, no matter the type.

Article 17 (Exemption)

1. The Company shall not be responsible for service provision in the event of forcemajeure or events equivalent to force majeure that prevent the Company from providingservices.

2.   The   Company   shall   not   be   responsible   for   service   disruptions   caused   by   usernegligence.

3. The Company shall not be responsible for the failure of users to obtain expected profitsfrom using the service or for any damage caused by the data obtained through theservice.

4. The Company shall not be responsible for the reliability and accuracy of contentposted on web pages by users. The Company shall not mediate in disputes betweenusers or between users and third parties arising from the service.

Article 18 (Provision of Information and Advertisement Posting)

1. The Company may provide users with various types of information and advertisementsthat the Company deems necessary during service use through banners, email, SMS,phone calls, postal mail, and other methods. However, if users do not wish to receive thisinformation, they may refuse it using the methods provided by the Company.

2.   Even   when   a   user   refuses   to   receive   information,   the   Company   may   provideinformation regarding important matters such as changes in the Terms and Conditions,Personal Information Protection Policy, and other matters that users must be aware of asdefined by the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilizationand Information Protection, etc."

3. If a user takes steps to refuse reception as per the provisions of Clause 1, and if, as aresult, the Company is unable to deliver trading-related information, answers to inquiries,or similar information, the Company shall not be held responsible.

4. In accordance with the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication NetworkUtilization and Information Protection, etc.," the Company confirms the user's agreementto receive advertisements for profit-making purposes every two years.

5. The Company shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting fromuser participation in promotional activities of advertisers or the outcome of transactions.

6. "Discount coupons" are issued as rewards by the Company for purchase activities orevent participation. Coupons expire and are destroyed if not used, and they are notexchangeable for cash.

Article 19 (Payment for Paid Services, etc.)

1. When using paid services provided by the Company, users are required to pay theusage fee. The methods of payment for usage fees of paid services provided by theCompany are as follows:

    1. Various types of card payments such as prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards.

    2. Various account transfers such as phone banking, internet banking, online non-face-to-face transfers, and others.

2. The Company may verify whether the user has legitimate authorization to use thepayment method, and until such verification is completed, the Company may halt thetransaction process or cancel the relevant transaction.

3. The user's monthly cumulative payment and top-up limits may be restricted accordingto the Company's policy and the standards of payment providers (mobile carriers, creditcard companies, etc.). If these limits are exceeded, additional use of paid services maybe unavailable.

4. The user is responsible for the information entered for payment.

Article 20 (Refunds)

1. In cases where the user's fault leads to the cancellation and refund of payment, thefollowing procedures shall be followed:

    1. Services that have been used or purchased once cannot be refunded.

    2. Services that are available for continuous use will not be refunded for the remaining days, and you can continue to use the service during the remaining days.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous clause, the entire payment will berefunded in the following cases:

- When there is no usage history after completing payment

- When the user cannot use the service due to the Company's fault, such as a serviceoutage

- When the purchased service is not provided

- When the purchased service differs significantly from the displayed or advertisedcontent

- When service use is severely impossible due to inherent defects in the service

3. The Company will process refunds within three business days from the day theobligation for a refund arises. However, the Company is not liable for any delay inrefunds due to the user's cooperation being required.

4. The company will initiate the refund process within three (3) business days from thedate   when   the   obligation   to   refund   arises.   However,   in   cases   where   the   user'scooperation is required for the refund, any delays in the refund process due to the user'sactions will not result in the company being responsible for bearing any delay interest.

5. The party at fault shall bear the costs required for a refund.

Article 21 (Ownership of Rights)

1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for services provided by the Companybelong to the Company.

2. The Company grants users the authority to use the services provided by the Companyunder the conditions specified by the Company. Users are not allowed to transfer, sell, orprovide security over this authority.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 1, intellectual property rights for contentcreated or authored directly by the user, or content provided in accordance with theCompany's partnership agreement, do not belong to the Company.

Article 22 (Content Management)

1. If content created or authored by a member includes content that violates relevantlaws,   such   as   the   "Personal   Information   Protection   Act"   and   the   "Copyright   Act,"administrators can request the suspension and deletion of the content through theprocedures   defined   by   the   relevant   laws,   and   the   Company   must   take   action   inaccordance with the relevant laws.

2. Even without a request from the rights holder, the Company may take temporarymeasures  for  the  content  if  there  are  reasons  to  believe  that  there  is  a  copyrightinfringement or if the content violates the Company's policies or relevant laws.

Article 23 (Copyright of Content)

1. Copyright for the content posted within the service by the user belongs to the authorof that content.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 1, the Company may use the content postedby   users   within   the   service,   without   additional   permission,   for   purposes   such   asoperation, display, transmission, distribution, and promotion of the service within thescope that complies with the Copyright Act and fair trade practices.  

    1. Usage for creating derivative works or edited works, within the scope that does notinfringe   on   the   copyright,   through   reproduction,   modification,   display,   transmission,distribution,   etc.,   within   the   service.   However,   if   the   user   who   posted   the   contentrequests its deletion or suspension of use, the Company will delete or suspend therelevant   content   entirely,   except   for   the   information   that   must   be   preserved   inaccordance with the law.    

    2. Usage for providing and displaying user content for promotional purposes throughmedia, broadcasting companies, etc.

Article 24 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

In case of disputes related to the service, the competent court shall be determined basedon the location of the Company, and the governing law shall be the laws of the Republicof Korea.

Supplementary Provisions

Article 1 (Effective Date)

This agreement is effective from October 19, 2023.